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Why Avis Saudi?

In service since 1970

With over 40 years of experience in car rental services in Saudi Arabia, AVIS Saudi Arabia meets customers with a fleet of more than 14,000 available through more than 45 branches around the Kingdom.
Quality and Speed: Quality, performance and responsiveness are among the most important principles we believe in and are always committed to exceed customer’s expectations.
The company's fleet is characterized by diversity, inclusiveness and modern models, to include small, medium and large sedans, small and large four-wheel drive vehicles, luxury cars, as well as commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses and pickup trucks.
  • Short-term rental stations: they have been carefully chosen to be easily and quickly approachable with convenient working hours to meet the customer's daily needs.
  • AVIS ensures that its fleet includes the latest models, which are less than 24 months old.
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